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From 1 June 2007 sellers of residential property in England and Wales or their estate agents will be required to have a Home Information Pack (HiP) when marketing their property, under the provisions of Part 5 of the Housing Act 2004 and the associated Home Information Pack Regulations 2007

The Home Information Pack (HiP) is not only useful information for buyers and sellers - it is the information that the industry has been asking for, for years. 

There are many new opportunities which have arisen from the new legislation.  At HiP Association Group we can enable you to work in collaboration with with all the leading firms in carving out a career in HiP's.

  • Become a Domestic Energy Assessor.  Earn up to 500 per day.

  • Become a Home Information Pack provider, by Simply becoming a reseller.  The earning potential increases with the amount of HiP's you provide.

The HiP Association Group run numerous schemes in enabling individuals or companies the opportunity to generate new income streams.  

We provide a "One Stop Solution" from were we can show you how you can operate a business within the Home Information Pack industry.  

No matter what experience you have or what qualifications you have, you can Join Us and be one of the first to work in a new industry which has been made compulsory by legislation.

We're confident that the more people that use HiP the more they'll understand the benefits of them, the advantage they bring as a sales tool - and we truly believe that they will help to speed up the sale process.