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Seller & Buyer - Seller - What To Do 

From 10th September 2007 home-owners of three bedroom and above residential property in England and Wales or their selling agents will be required to have a Home Information Pack (HIP) when marketing homes for sale.

They will be required to make a copy of the pack available to prospective buyers on request. 

Estate agents marketing homes for sale will also be required to belong to an approved redress scheme. This legislation was introduced under The Housing Act 2004.

It should help you sell your home faster so why not opt-in early? 

We can produce Home Information Packs for you right now that will allow you to market your property with as many Estate Agents as you require.












‘….the HiP Association Group, the Home Information Pack provider for the Buyer, the Seller & the Estate Agent’  



National Association of Registered Home Inspectors

National Association of Registered Home Inspectors