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Home Use / Contents Forms

Home Use and Home Contents Forms let sellers give buyers information on a range of matters relating to the property.

These include information on boundaries, notices, services, sharing with neighbours, planning permissions and other matters of interest to potential buyers.

It is usual for sellers to declare which fixtures and fittings and other contents of the property are included in the sale, are excluded from the sale, or are subject to negotiation. Standard forms to help sellers do this are available on our Publications page.

The Law Society also produces its own forms to help solicitors and licensed conveyancers produce Packs.

Other Documents

Sellers could speed up the sale if they include non-standard searches in the Home Information Pack where appropriate.

For example, it's standard practice to obtain a mining search in areas where coal mining has taken place. Sellers in these areas will save time if they provide this search in the Pack.

Other searches cover rights of way, ground stability and actual or potential environmental hazards such as flooding and contaminated land.

Sellers will also want to include guarantees and warranties for work already carried out on their homes.

Note that only required and authorised documents may be included in the Pack.