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Ensuring That Buyers Can Use HiPs Easily To Inform Their Choices

If HIPs are to help buyers make informed decisions they must be able to pick out the important information quickly and easily. This is particularly important where buyers are trying to compare a number of different properties. 

Early results from the area trials have already made clear the advantages of providing additional information to assist buyers in gaining the most benefit from their packs. 

What to look for in your HIP  will explain what is in a pack and where to look for important pieces of information

We encourage all pack providers to produce summaries explaining the key issues in simple terms. These might appear at the front of packs – after the EPC or HCR.

Some pack providers are already proposing to do this and we would encourage all to do. Such summaries would not, of course, be a substitute for a buyer seeking legal advice.










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National Association of Registered Home Inspectors

National Association of Registered Home Inspectors