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Estate & Managing Agents - FAQ's 

How do I get a Pack?

There are essentially three routes:

  1. Home Information Pack could be compiled by the seller if they so choose, and they could pass it on to you for distribution to potential buyers.

  2. You can assemble a Pack yourself by commissioning the relevant documents. See self-compiling section. This will open up a new window of our Consumer site

  3. You can contact a solicictor, conveyancer or dedicated Pack provider who will assemble the Pack on your behalf.

How am I expected to know if the Pack complies with the rules?

Detailed guidance on the regulations will be published shortly. This cannot be regarded as an authoritative interpretation of the law but will provide further help to tell whether or not your Pack complies with the regulations.

What are the enforcement rules?

Local Authority Trading Standards Officers will enforce the Pack duties. Where Trading Standards Officers decide it is warranted, they will have the option of serving a penalty charge notice of 200 and referring the case to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT already has powers to issue a banning order on agents engaging in undesirable practices.